As business fluctuates so do your security needs. Short and long term needs arise all the time. We can support those needs and work with your budget. We provide x-ray baggage scanning machines to various public and private institutions. Rental rate depends on location, rental duration and services requested. X-Ray baggage scanning machines can be rented for varying periods of time. Parth Systems India Pvt. Ltd. has years of experience setting up x-ray baggage scanning machine rentals for a wide variety of events ranging from stadiums, hotels, special events to corporate meetings. We will give you x-ray baggage scanning machine on rental basis. Transport, freight, loading and unloading charges in your scope / will be extra at actual.


Long term rental could be the perfect solution to maintain your security level but not with all the financial strain that comes with purchasing a new x-ray baggage scanning machine. Please Contact Us if you are interested in rental or if you have any questions.


SHORT TERM RENTAL NEEDS: X-Ray baggage scanner rentals is perfect for those who require x-ray baggage scanners only for a short duration like for a certain event or exhibition. You can rent the baggage scanner and save on otherwise unavoidable capital expenditure.

OPTIMUM UTILIZATION OF STORAGE SPACES: X-Ray baggage scanners are huge in size and weight, and require large storage areas and man-power leading to additional costs. Renting x–ray baggage scanners only for the time you require, helps you save on storage rent as well as capital costs.

BECOME ASSET LIGHT: We all know that investors love asset light companies, so why block your capital on such items when you can easily rent it.

No AMC: When you buy such sensitive and technical products, you have to incur additional costs on maintenance and AMCs. With xray baggage scanner rental you can concentrate and spend on other things while leaving the no additional cost maintenance part on us.

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X-Ray Baggage Scanner Machine